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​​​​​Business Control 365

Our goal is to support companies with business critical control, analysis and information at a reasonable cost.

One way of doing this is to offer certified senior level consultants at a standard cost of 795 SEK per hour. For longer term projects, 100+ hours, we offer rates down to 495 SEK. That is a full business intelligence solution for under 50K!

​ABC&I: Affordable Business Control & Intelligence!

Our focus is on small and medium sized companies and we have preference for e-commerce related businesses with complex data structure and large volumes of sales and financial data.

We develop KPI's, reporting structure, dashboards and visual analytical tools to create a transparent and structured business intelligence environment for each client.

​We work mainly with QlikView and are also partners with QVSource for integration with e.g. Google Analytics, Adwords and web based solutions like Upsales. We are also partners with Mail & Deploy for a cost efficient reporting solution based on QlikView-data for a larger report user base.